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  1. I just finished your book TWEAK because I have an addict son and read Beautiful Boy and heard his Son,(you) also wrote a book. So I looked it up and got it and your story is also the same as my Son's and I'm giving him this book tomorrow. I'm wondering how he will react!!! I'm scared!!!!

  2. I have read both of Nic's books as well as his father's book "A Beautiful Boy". I also have his father's latest book "Clean" which I haven't started reading yet. The reason I am writing on this blog is because I have personal experience with meth addiction and I can totally identify with Sue Ellen. I am in love with a meth addict. We lived together for a year until he told me he had started using again. At that point he decided to return to rehab ( for about the 5th time) and I fully supported him because I love him. I went out of town for the weekend and came home to find all of his stuff gone from my house. I haven't heard from him in a month. Not a single word! For a year I was there for him. I paid all the rent, food, utilities, bought him two trucks, paid for the insurance along with many other things totaling thousands of dollars while he would lie in bed sleeping for days on end. Finally he told me he wasn't happy with me & dumped me like a piece of trash. He lied continuously. He could never tell the truth so I doubt that he even loved me at all. This break-up has been the most painful thing in my life even though I am an educated woman ( I have a degree in chemistry & have been working in my field for the past 16 years) & am raising two wonderful little girls on my own. How could I have fallen for such a con man?

  3. Nic, if you ae reading this, just wanted to say thanks for helping me write my account of my personal stuggle with heroin addiction. The manuscript is done. Please read it and tell me what you think??? Thanks bro.

    Brian 520 808 5904

  4. Hello Nic
    Just finishes your book Tweak! Wanted to understand the Life of an Addicted... Never done drugs or even smoke! Now working with Addicts in Az there a lot going on out here with drugs and bath salts... And it's crazy out here!!!