Final Call of the day

So I’m closing down this blog thing.
I really appreciate everyone supporting me on this site, but I feel like I need to focus on some other projects right now.
I just did the coast drive up from LA to Portland where I’m gonna be living for awhile. It’s gonna be cool to get out of the crazy LA whatever for awhile—breathe some clean air—write—hang out with my dog. I’m starting school in January, so I really wanna take some time to get my head and shit together.
So that’s it really.
I’m doing some more touring for the paperback edition at the end of January.
It’s crazy how everything is always changing. I mean, that’s like the one constant in life. And, for me, well, that gives me a reason to keep on trying. ‘Cause anything can happen—anything. That’s why I need to hold on. ‘Cause I never know. No one does.
Life is change.
That is beautiful.
And, like Sly says, you don’t have to die before you live.
You don’t.

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