Biography and Personal life of Anna Hazare - The man of mission

Facts file and Stats of Anna Hazare - The Bapu of 21st Century
* Anna Hazare full name is Kisan Baburao Hazare.
* Anna Hazare born in the year Jan 15th, 1940.
* Anna Hazare is born in the Bhingar village in Ahmednagar city situated at Maharashtra, India.
* Anna Hazare father name is Baburao Hazare.
* Anna Hazare mother name is Laxmibai Hazare.
* Anna Hazare has six younger siblings.
* Anna Hazare marital status is unmarried.
* Anna Hazare has no child.
* By religion Anna Hazare is Hindu.
* For more information about Anna Hazare visit official web site of Anna Hazare
* In the year of 1992, Anna Hazare awarded by the Padma Shri award.
* Anna Hazare well known for his Watershed development programmed in Ralegan Siddhi village.
* In the age of 12, Anna Hazare father moved to own village Ralegan Siddhi village.
* In the childhood days of Anna Hazare her aunt took him to Mumbai for further education.
* Anna Hazare studied up to the 7th standard in Bombay.
* Anna Hazare started selling flowers in Dadar at the age of 15 due to poor financial position of home.
* In the age of 23, Anna Hazare joined the Indian Army as a driver in 1963.
* Anna Hazare life is inspired by the Vivekananda, Gandhi, and Vinoba Bhave.
* During the 1965 Indo-Pak War Anna Hazare was the only survivor in a exchange of border fire while driving a truck in Khem Karan sector.
* In the year of 1975, Anna Hazare takes the VRS from the army job.
* In the Ralegan Siddhi village, Anna Hazare helped to form the Pani Puravatha Mandals (Water Supply Associations) to ensure proper distribution of water.
* In the early days of 21st century, Anna Hazare led a movement in Maharashtra state which forced the state government to pass a stronger Maharashtra Right to Information Act well known as RTI act.
* In the May month of 2011, Anna Hazare stated a Satyagraha movement for passed the People's Ombudsman Bill well known as the Jan Lokpal Bill.

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